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Soldiers from Lincolne Companie (with notes).

Info from the Lincolne Companie armorer (a.k.a. 'Mole'):


The men of The Lincolne Companie stand at the ready. Left to right –


1. The Crossbowman. He wears very little armor besides a simple Italian salade and a mail mantle. Archers usually wore very little armor as it tended to slow them up and they needed to be quick on their feet so that they could be rushed to where they’d be the most effective or, failing that, to escape. He carries a crossbow equipped with a steel prod or bow. This allows him to accurately fire an 18-inch long short arrow called a quarrel or bolt up to 100 yards. At closer range, the bolt will easily pierce even heavy armor, go through a horse, or penetrate through 3-inches of seasoned oak. The 250 pound pull of the bow requires a mechanical lever system to prepare the bow for firing and that lever hangs from his belt by his dagger. He also carries a short sword and buckler.


2. The Armorer. Even though he builds and repairs it, he wears no armor whatsoever, While not a soldier, he has to be ready defend the camp if it should be overrun and with any weapon that he’s able to get his hands on, just like all the others who

follow the armies. He carries a long-handled pole axe.


3. The Captain. He is dressed in a fine Italian armor, or at least most of it. He’s discarded the lower leg pieces to make it easier to fight on foot and the weapon he carries is of German manufacture and is called a voulge.


4. The Billman. He is the common soldier. A pig farmer by trade, he answered the summons to arms and was issued the kettle helmet he wears and the large-bladed pole arm or bill he carries and that’s it. He’s wearing a home-made quilted jacket called a

gambeson that’s been padded out with horsehair, scraps of wool, or even straw. As added protection, he’s sewn chains of roughly made metal plates to his sleeves. Besides the bill, he carries a heavy-bladed sword called a falchion, a small buckler, and a dagger.


5. The Sapper. His job is to build and to destroy defensive works, dig tunnels under walls, set fires, and whatever else is needed to bring down an enemy’s fortifications. A plowman by trade, he was called to duty and issued the wide-brimmed kettle-helm he’s wearing and his padded gambeson, but little else. He’s also wearing a breastplate he took from a prize of battle. He carries a long-handled war hammer, called by the French a bec du corbin, or “raven’s beak”. On one side is a small, four tined hammer for smashing armor plate and on the other side is a long triangular “beak” for punching holes through

helmets. He also carries a heavy sword in case he needs it, but he’s just as happy to use a shovel.


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Taken on September 27, 2008