Go 4 Set
On Thursday 20th June, two teams of 6 students went to present their final models to the Go 4 Set Judges at Plymouth University. These teams have been dedicated and worked incredibly hard with their mentors from Babcock and Schneider Electric. There were over 20 teams presenting on the day, these were teams from around Plymouth and Exeter.
The teams were first examined by the Big Bang judges to see if we were eligible to be entered into the finals of their competition. This was our first try at formally presenting our ideas and models. The judges asked lots of questions and we were able to respond fluidly.
Next, the teams were judged against the big bang criteria. These judges had already read the reports and knew the basis of our ideas. This time we felt a little bit more confident and were able to go into more detail about our projects.
Unfortunately, neither team won an award for their ideas or presentations but each individual student achieved a Bronze Level Award for using skills that can be applied in industry.
"We had fun creating the models and presenting our ideas. It was also good to see what other schools had created. Our teachers and mentors were incredibly proud of us for what we have achieved.
Our models will be on display during the Summer Exhibition on the 24th July. Please feel free to come and have a look at what we have achieved. "

Team A and B PSCA Go 4 Set 2019
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