Change Makers
Last week, 6 of our students spent a fantastic day at the Council Chamber alongside academics from Plymouth University, researchers from the Marine Biology Laboratory, local Entrepreneurs and members of Environment Plymouth and Plymouth City Council.

We learnt how to use data visually to communicate the future impact of Climate Change and engage with the community about Sustainability, in our City.

We reflected on future development in 4 major themes for Plymouth - highlighting "challenges" and brainstorming sustainable solutions amongst experts. Plymouth's current challenges are:
Plymouth Marine National Park
Plastic Pollution (from shore to sea & from sea to shore)
Energy efficiency
The future of travel and electric transport in our City (including electric bikes)
Our 6 students from Year 7 and Year 10 were completely immersed in what they were doing, passionate, enthusiastic, willing to learn more and ensure their voices were heard. They took notes throughout the day, sketched their creative ideas, 'pitched' them and shared their thoughts about other people's suggestions during the workshops.

We also spent time with Iain Stewart, geologist and presenter of the BBC Earth program! We are now reflecting on the role young people in Plymouth can play to help the City and our community adapt to Climate Change locally. What an exciting opportunity to step into a real project based world!

Stephanie & PSCA's Young Change Makers
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