Festival Lights up Preschool
We celebrated Diwali in preschool. We learnt that Diwali is a festival of light that is celebrated by the Hindu religion. We learnt that some people design mehndi patterns on their hands and others draw Rangioli patterns with coloured sand, rice and chalk on the floor. We talked about how these Rangoli patterns are often of lotus flowers and this is to welcome people! Some of the children traced around their hands and used coloured pens, glue, tissue paper and glitter to design their own mehndi patterns. We then went outside our studio in the atrium and drew some Rangioli patterns to welcome people to the studio. After lunch we put a huge piece of paper on the floor and drew some Rangoli patterns using coloured pens. We then used coloured powder paint to decorate our Rangoli patterns! Our huge Diwali picture can be seen in our preschool studio to show how we celebrate Diwali!
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