Public Seminar: Ethics with Elegance 2014
On Saturday night, January 25, 'Ethics with Elegance' combined empowering words, fire of candles, magical music, and soulful presence in an intimate space. It was an honour and privilege to feature rare and admirable work of Heryka Miranda, Mary Fantaske, Michael Sizer, Anita Krajnc and Paul York. Critical work in media and celebrity culture was also emphasized, that is, the restoration and celebration of sentience and notions of heroism through analysis and interrogation of dominant representations of celebrities. The advocacy of art for social justice, media literacy, and celebrity activism in holistic spaces of transformative learning constitute the primary focus of the Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS). At the event, filmmaker Michael Sizer also shared the promo video of upcoming performance 'The Sacred Eco-Feminist Move' - an artistic tool for advocating femininity, creativity, and spirituality. The video features distinctive music composer Myles Wright from Australia as well.
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