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Story: I had a meeting and there became a chance that my work might be shown to Nike. One problem though, apparently you can't show Adidas work to Nike and vice versa. Seems ridiculous to me but whatever. So I went to work shooting some Nike work. I had some ideas floating around but nothing concrete so I stopped by the Nike store and looked for things that caught my eye. Nothing more eye catching than a bright orange basketball shoe. I did shoot the shoe with a blue background and sitting on a box but I just used it for placement and planned all along to replace all of it in post, which I did.


Lighting: Pretty simple light in this. It's a single dynalite 4040 head in a beauty dish up high, on axis, and at about a 45 degree angle towards the shoe. Then I have a dynalite 2040 in a medium softbox camera left providing a little bit of fill.

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Taken on November 30, 2012