Sisters Academy, Greenland - Preperatory journey
We have traveled from the far North to collect dreams about the future educational system. We found a quiet boat and invited people to join for a talk and a berry drink. The boat had been transformed into a sensuous and poetic space as this is what we are seeking to amplify in learning situations. The dreams, expressed in one or two words as requested, have been collected and archived and now contribute to the global story of dreams and longings. We will do our utmost to turn these dreams and images into flesh and action.

A selection of dreams for the future educational system, expressed in one or two words as requested, collected at the breakwater of Rijeka September 2014:

undivided // nature // respect children // considerate nursing // bridges of foresight // darkness // respect // collectivity // care // space time // cracks // misperformance // relevance // aiming at action // circus school //

Sisters Hope in Rijeka, Croatia, to represent The North Atlantic Cluster, PSi #21 at the Zooming Fluid States festival.

PSi (Performance Performance Studies International) will be our collaborators for the Sisters Academy, Greenland manifestation, June 2015. PSi #21 will happen all over the world and in Rijeka we will be surronded by amongst other JAPAN – THE OTHER’S FOOL PARADE / Parada luda and PANAMA – PERFUMIN’ CANADA / Parfemiranje Paname.

photos: The I of Sisters Academy, diana lindhardt
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