No one even USES the bike lanes!

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    Five cyclists waiting at a red light (plus one guy who rolled through the crosswalk) in the bike lane on 1st Ave. at 14th St. in Manhattan. 8:30 a.m. on Friday 8/5/2011.

    1. p3200tmz 31 months ago | reply

      They're not waiting. Look at the picture they're obviously riding right through the red light.

    2. ddartley 31 months ago | reply

      I applaud your skepticism. I don't applaud your jump to a conclusion. I give you my word (already given when I wrote the title and description) that they are stopped, and waiting, WHICH IS WHY I TOOK THE PICTURE. Notice how the front of the group of the cyclists is lined up with all the other cars on that avenue. Quite a coincidence that they'd cluster like that and be lined up with the cars, if they're blowing the light. They're not blowing the light. Thanks to your comment I have looked for the first time at their legs, and yes, some of the group seem to have both feet on pedals, suggesting they're pedaling. But perhaps their light has actually just turned green. I don't know; I don't remember. Supporting that possible explanation is the fact that the light on 14th St. is red. Regardless, though, as I said, I give you my word that they were stopped at a red light, and THAT IS WHY I TOOK THE PICTURE. Feel free to still not believe me, though.

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