Twogether was originally planned to be a sexy photo-art calendar - 12 pictures of two lesbian or bisexual girls, who live their lives in love and together. Then I came to the point that it may be a big pity to invest so much work, time and energy into a format limited just by 1 year....not too many calendars remain on the wall after every new year. Take a look at several sample photos from entire 140 book pictures!
The next decission was naturally a book. After years of searching and tries with various models I was incredibely lucky to meet two real girls, already living my story! We agreed soon to shoot sexy pictures (I don´t want to use word erotic, although it´s good description of our work) during one year of their common life and of course I have chosen the most attractive scenes. I do not want to pretend our work to have the highest artistic qualities - that was even not the goal. During the process of creation we decided to shoot a video of selected scenes and add it to the book as a bonus. Next step in evolution of our project was decission to balance the pictorial content with text, written by both ladies in a form of a casual diary. And that´s what the final work is - a mix of several media that fits perfectyly togeher.
And the calendar....there is still a possibility of releasing a calendar as a next bonus media. So if you like this project, stay tuned and come from time to time to check what´s new :-) I want to release the book during year 2014 - at tenth anniversary from meeting my two muses.
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