I like the way the colours turned out in this one. Yellow food dye in the drop and blue water in the drip tray. Blue gel on one flash and a red and yellow gel on the other. Pretty much as shot.

Sunset Splash

  • Corrie White 5y

    The Time Machine triggers the shutter and I need it open that long for the flash lag to catch the splash when the flash is triggered.
  • GUITARTWIN ( ray morales jr ) 5y

    This pure, adobe, canon, drop, original, class of its own explosion, will not be matched. by anybody, only learned from. thank you Corrie :)
  • David 5y

    Corrie White Thanks Corrie for the explanation. It does make sense now. So in other words regardless of the camera's exposure the flash will freeze the action. Your 1/2sec exposure is to give you a larger time window for the flash to trigger. I do not own a flash and a few months back, actually after seeing your pics, I tried to capture water drops and failed miserably because I did not have enough natural light. The ISO was way high and the result disappointing. With such a long exposure, do you reduce non flash light (work in the dark) when you take the shot so you do not have any blurriness on the "splash" before and after the flash triggers?
    What is the time machine? Is it something you have made yourself or did you buy it?
    I find your shots really interesting because they expose something our eyes are working to slowly to appreciate in real life.
    Have you seen a program on TV called "Time Warp" where they do a lot of very slow motion shots?
    Sorry... Long comment... :-)
  • Peter you've lost the news 5y

    Wow! This is incredible!
  • Photography by Bytegirl 5y

    agree! I love the colors in this one!
  • Carol Rawlings 5y

    This is just outstanding! The colours are wonderful as well as the splash - well worth all the work you go to getting these amazing shots!
  • Scott Simons 5y

    Fantastic colours of your best.
  • Thomaniac 5y

    Simply awesome colors!
  • Pushp Deep Pandey 5y

    This is perhaps one of my most favourite photos that you've uploaded lately... Amazing colours here... The ripples look as if they're handcrafted and coloured.. :D

    Seen in your The Time Machine set. (?)
  • Lindsay Gramana 5y

    Looks like blown glass! Awesome.
  • Francesco Pappalardo 4y

    wow.. simply amazing!
  • lifepages 4y

    so pretty!!
  • Stefano 3y

    Delightful ! Wonderful pattern and colors, well seen by talented you.
  • Jody Trappe 3y

    You really know how to rock these water shots Corrie!!! Beautiful!
  • Jody Trappe 3y

  • gred. 3y

    Thank you for sharing this superb macro!

    This is a
  • Eyesplash - What happened to winter 3y


    I like it!
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    Have a nice day

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  • Eric Riffaud 3y

    Fabuleux !
  • Javier Martín 3y

    Your choice is really full of colors!!!
    Seen in MY COLORS! (Invited Only)
  • Stephen Purves 3y

    Outstanding! Love it
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