District 9 Mecha Suit

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I finally saw the movie and was inspired to build (big surprise) the mech. It does fit a fig, as seen here.

Anyone who has not seen it yet, here is the trailer. A few shots of the mech can be seen near the end.

Also, the stickers used to simulate damage and alien script are cut from actual LEGO stickers. I never cut or modify pieces (except once for a mini-fig), but I love hackin’ up the stickers…;-)

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  1. metroidprime77 105 months ago | reply

    pure, original, fantastic, detailed... ive never seen anything like this before, beautiful!

  2. Kazuya Takeyama 105 months ago | reply

    Dude! This is as awesome as the movie itself! Great job!

  3. easy machine [deleted] 105 months ago | reply

    THis was my favorite movie of all time, i have tried ever since it came out to build this. and icouldnt and you did it. You have no clue how much i would pay for this. lol! amazing. you are now one of my favorite lego builders :D

  4. lego lover1 102 months ago | reply

    how do u make the body cause i know how to make the arms and legs

  5. lego lover1 102 months ago | reply

    if anyone knows email me at hpence@att.net

  6. lego lover1 102 months ago | reply

    i finally figured out how to make every thing

  7. zonked record [deleted] 102 months ago | reply

    This is brilliant, I can't believe I had missed it on TBB. Superb work!!!

  8. DJIO 100 months ago | reply

    I loved District 9
    I love LEGO
    What else can I say...

  9. ~Sir.Neo~ (Semper Fidelis) 98 months ago | reply

    one of my favorite mechs from one of my favorite movies,
    and you made it perfectly.
    i see some great piece usages.

  10. lordd3struct0r 97 months ago | reply

    it's just sooo damn sweet!!!

  11. Männchenmeister 93 months ago | reply

    Awesome awesome awesome ingenious!!!!

  12. mattsbrickgallery.tumblr.com 91 months ago | reply

    This was added to Legos.tumblr.com's queue!

  13. neighborly apparatus [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

    great great work!

  14. iomedes !... 86 months ago | reply

    Perfect / Superb and very accurate !...

  15. AL13N163NA 85 months ago | reply

    the best at that level I've seen, now cheer up with a UCS ¡¡¡¡¡

    See You ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  16. iomedes !... 84 months ago | reply

    Stunning !...freaking awesome...

  17. Lᴇm0n. 76 months ago | reply

    I want a How-to or a Breakdown so Bad

  18. Malicious Cheesecake 75 months ago | reply

    You did really well on this!

  19. garywinner 55 months ago | reply

    This is just so stunning for me !! And it get a cockpit fit minifigure . any chance to share this mecha suit's instruction ? love to build one.

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