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Just a bit of fun here, if anyone is interested. Ever since they debuted in my 19 seconds dio, I’ve been struggling to come up with the right name for these silver robot thingies. They’re meant to be an enemy for the Dawn Forge…some sort of ancient, lost machine race that the DF stumbled upon, awoke, and now have no end of trouble with. They were the nameless foe in the Zero Hour project, and I plan on continuing to expand the theme (right now there are only two distinct types, though more are forthcoming) and use them in future projects, so…they need a name.

Which is where you, kind viewer, comes in…give these guys a name! Please? A completely made up name that sounded exotic or menacing is what I was originally going for, but I’m certainly open to whatever you guys might come up with. Simply leave a comment with your suggestion, and after one week, I’ll look them over, pick one, and whoever suggested it will win the vignette pictured here. No, it’s not exactly the crown jewels, but all you gotta do is think of a name for cripes sake! Only one name suggestion per person. Yes, you can edit your comment to change your suggestion if you think of a better one, as long as it is within the one week time period (which ends on 5/5/09 at 11:59 pm CST).

Oh, and just so it's clear, you're supposed to give a name the race of silver robot thingies...NOT the vig.

So put your sci-fi geek thinking cap on (you know, the one with the Mr. Spock ears) and help me out. Because, heaven knows I need it, and hey, free Lego is never a bad thing…

Edit- Just FYI, this “contest” is going on over at MOCpages as well.

Edit- OK, let me address a few questions brought up here and elsewhere.

Should the name be the true name of the silver creatures, or a name the Dawn Forge might give them, under the assumption that there is no way the DF would know their actual name?
My answer is to do whatever seems right to you. I can come up with several scenarios of how the DF might discover their true name, or at least the name they were called at some time in the distant past by civilizations now long dead. Remember, this is an ancient race, and could conceivably have been called many different things by many different people, so pretty much any naming convention is fair game. I can also see the logic and the appeal of a more conventional name given to them by the DF, or even the nameless mystery provided by essentially having no name, and continuing to call them silver creatures. The point is, I’m considering any and all suggestions…just do what sounds best to you.

Will you ship internationally?
Absolutely, as long as the winner is reachable by conventional means, i.e. the postal system, UPS, Fed Ex, or whatever. I probably can’t get it to an isolated hut in the middle of the Amazon rainforest.

How will I know if I won?
I’ll post the winning suggestion here when the contest is over, as well as flickr mail the winner to get his/her mailing info.

If I win, will you substitute an E1 UNITY combat droid in place of the vig?
Sorry, but this one is all about the silver guys. You’ll just have to wait for the inevitable Dawn Forge building contest…;-)

Will you sign the Vig?
Sure, if you really want me to, but my ego is already big enough without any help from you lot…

And remember, only one name suggestion per person to qualify to win the vig. A few small spelling or pronunciation variations are OK, but it must be obvious that they are all basically the same name. Also, if you change your name suggestion to something you like better (which is perfectly fine), please edit your original post instead of making a new one to cut down on the confusion.

And, we have a winner!

Well, my laptop just died, and the back story went with it…*sigh* I’m not going to hold things up any longer to redo it now, so without further ado, the silver creatures new name is…the Csek! (Pronounced “sek”, same spelling both singular and plural)

Many thanks to Leo-J A from MOCpages for his suggestion. Actually, his suggestion was “Ztivone Csek”, which is my last name spelled backwards. Now, even I couldn’t swallow that much narcissism, but the second half of the name caught my eye, and never let go. Leo actually suggested pronouncing it (kuh-sec), but I prefer the sharp and sweet one syllable version.

I know many people questioned if the Dawn Forge would know the real name of these guys, or would the DF actually come up with their own name that they would refer to them as. I assure you, the back story (after I rewrite it…grr!) will explain how the DF found out the true name, but the meat sacks did get in on the action a bit and were good enough to name the individual Csek units as they were encountered on the field.

Nameless no longer, I give you the Csek Disciple and the Csek Reaper. I’ve got some more details on the Csek (as observed by the Dawn Forge in their encounters with them), but that too will have to wait a bit until I sort my computer woes.

I also said I would list my other favorite suggestions, so here they are (from both flickr and MOCpages), in no particular order-

The Veil
The Risen
Shining Horde
The Awakened
The Fallen
The Markata Aya
The Driven
Cursed Engines of the Gods
The Pure

Many thanks to everyone who took part in this little “contest.” The level of participation went far beyond what I had expected, so it was a really gratifying experience for me. Although, in truth, I realize that it’s still all about the free laygoes…;-)

Thanks again, everybody...hopefully I'll see some of you at Brickworld '09 in Chicago!

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  1. [Dablackcat] 90 months ago | reply

    Wow, Csek sounds great. Congrats Leo-J from MOC pages!

  2. 0100101001001010 90 months ago | reply

    I think that the names should be a name that doesn't sound normal: The Zyberians (zie-beer-ians).

  3. Cagerrin 90 months ago | reply

    ahahahahahahaha- sorry, ah hah ah hah hah

  4. Creme-de-la-creme 90 months ago | reply

    with the death of the laptop thing. get your word processor to save every 5 minutes, or every minute, so that you don't lose too much, or all of it.

  5. NIRDIAN 90 months ago | reply

    W00T! My name's in the favs! :D

  6. -Tayasuune- 88 months ago | reply

    The Artificers.

    ...and late(wayyyyy late), as per my usual.

  7. -Cheeso- 88 months ago | reply

    Meh. The Fallen was really clich, but my favorite one. Csesk is cool.

  8. -Cheeso- 87 months ago | reply

    ^ Your a wee little bit late, buddy.

  9. The Cabinet Maker 85 months ago | reply

    Prophets of the Yearning Soul

  10. -Cheeso- 85 months ago | reply

    Guys, the contest is long over. Stop.

  11. munchiedean 81 months ago | reply

    Shadow Spear.

  12. =Bitter Cold= 81 months ago | reply

    It really doesn't cease to be funny. XD

  13. V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 81 months ago | reply

    Ummmm..... how 'bout
    Contestus Overus for a name?

  14. lil shakey 74 months ago | reply

    where did you get the guys face

  15. Kaipyro67 72 months ago | reply

    Definitely, one of my favorite pictures on flickr.

  16. Jorge Olarte Alfonso 68 months ago | reply

    transformer the movie 2

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