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Zero Hour on Highway 44 (Dawn Forge Mix)

A collaborative project between Keith Goldman, myself, and 20 of the highest caliber builders money can buy. Basically, Keith did the big assed dio, I did the military elements (in my pet theme, Dawn Forge), and the others provided the rainbow of vehicles on the upper road, as well as a few other aspects of the layout. Here is the full list of the 20 conspirators-


Carter Baldwin, Chuck Citrin, Tyler Clites, Fradel Gonzales, Nick Kappatos, Jon Langrish, Andrew Lee, Joe Meno, Paul Meissner, Peter L. Morris, Nathan Proudlove, Peter Reid, Dan Rubin, Ryan Rubino, Michael Rutherford, Dave Shaddix, Shannon Sproule (Ocean), Julie Stewart, Shannon Young, Nannan Zhang


Also, a special thanks to Gary McIntire for supplying the greenery for the trees.


I’ve got comments to go with the pics over on MOCpages if that’s you thing, as well as a small explanation as to what exactly is supposed to be going on. Also, be sure to check out Keith’s flickr and MOCpages posts of the dio (if you haven’t already) for his trademark smack, better coverage of the civilian vehicles and their respective builders, and more importantly, less of my crap, which is how we planned it.


I’ll also be doing individual postings of the Dawn Forge stuff in the next week or two, if anyone is interested in a closer look.


In any case, a big thanks to everyone involved in the project, and especially to Keith for building such an awesome layout to play in. Despite all your other inadequacies, at least your skill with the bricks hasn’t faltered. Now go get me another bottle of water…


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Taken on March 29, 2009