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Piri Reis Map: Colossal "Radiant Sun or Eye" over Pyramid; view in 400% | by EdZiomek
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Piri Reis Map: Colossal "Radiant Sun or Eye" over Pyramid; view in 400%

West of Africa, due West of the Canary Islands, there is this colossal representation of either the Sun or Eye over a Pyramid, landscaped image on the Atlantic Ocean floor.


I believe it to be the Egyptian Aten Sun Disk, and it certainly could have been the model for the ancient Masonic symbolism of "Eye over the Pyramid", found on our dollar bills.


This image was found by myself using Adobe Photoshop, and toying with the "Magic Wand" symbolism, seeing what I could derive from an old Piri Reis image (showing the Registration marks for overlays) that I had worked on, over a year ago. The results, highlighting the largest navigation feature of the Piri Reis map, were completely unexpected, fantastic, mesmerizing. Even more curious is I cannot seem to replicate how the results occurred.


What colossal importance this place must have been!!? I have tentatively located the center of the Sun figure at Google Earth gps,, almost identically positioned with today's "Tropic of Cancer" azimuth line.

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Uploaded on August 15, 2012