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Bengal, Bangla Queen, and Kings, detailed: view in 200% | by EdZiomek
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Bengal, Bangla Queen, and Kings, detailed: view in 200%

Queen and King portraits, on the floor of the Bay of Bengal.


Upon close detailed inspection, do the viewers see the middle figure, ear area, where a circular convergence appears, that has a distinct vertical line through it, and a very faint horizontal line.


Also, under high magnification, one can observe the multiple, progressively smaller portraits within the Queen outline, probably at 96 percent, then 92, then 88%!


I personally can count 10 or 12 faint figures, embedded within the Queen figure, at varying degrees of rotation indicating slightly different time periods (amateur understanding: 1 degree of North-shift equals 72 years of time).


Experts, Academics, Scientists... help me out on this...

The vertical line through the center of the middle figures is intersected by ringed circular landscapes, with the middle circle (by the ear) of having some form of rectangular city-scape.

Note: This arrangement is what I have called, the "Thuban alignment", pointing towards the center of the cosmic universe of their moment in time. Identical type alignments are shown in Teotihuacan and the Vatican in Rome.


As I have studied numerous King/Queen portraits, and "Thuban alignments", I surmise that they were constructed to face the Western setting sun of their time epoch. The "setting sun" represented the location of "rebirth like the sun is reborn". The fact that the vertical line is almost perfectly aligned to today's North indicates to me, a full circular expanse of "constellation time" in it's construction, 25,000 years ago.


Note: the full outline of the middle Queen figure may be 300 miles high, by 200 miles wide.


Again, I feel I am opening up 100,000 years of human history here, and thanks to Indiana University, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and of course, Flickr!

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Uploaded on April 8, 2012