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Plausible Etymologies: Utah and Idaho, Sun and Moon? -80% confidence... | by EdZiomek
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Plausible Etymologies: Utah and Idaho, Sun and Moon? -80% confidence...

There are plausible Egyptian etymologies of the names Utah and Idaho. From the two volume set, "An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary" by E.A. Wallis Budge, I have found plausible and tantalizing similarities to the Apache "Yut-ta-hih", and the Shoshone "Ee-dah-how" "accepted naming explanations".


I am not 100% confident on any of these explanations, but certainly I am in the 80% arena. All explanations seem to reflect solar/lunar/God/King/Queen-like references, which is in keeping with most large scale naming conventions of the ancients.


Certainly you don't name your tribe or river..."the muddy swamp", as is claimed for Connecticut (I believe it was named by the ancients for the "Great Bull of Heaven", or the "Great Rock", and a Pharoah of the XVIII Dynasty!).


Utu not only was the name of a Great body of water and the "Eye of Ra" to the Egyptians, but also was the Sun God of the Sumerians, namely "Utu" or "Uta".


Atu had many similar naming definitions, including Thoth, Atum, Adam, and Anubis, in some cases referring to a Moon God or Goddess.


It is an amazing possibility that the two names could be related to the Sun and Moon balance, the Uta and Atu!


The "ho", or "heh" suffix is also found in the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary meaning "Temple", or "Sanctuary", or "place", or "seat of", but can also be the truncated form of "Horus".





This is a work in progress, and more will be added as I filter through the large group of research material that is available on these important naming conventions.


Note: A modern day country exhibits a virtaully EXACT phonic similarity of this naming convention, (can I use the mystery term... "idiomatic syntax" seems to be the same).


A-tu-heh, ee-tah-heh

I-ta-heh, Italy.


AND, a similar set of phonetic "twins" exist in the great State of New York...

Attica and Utica.


January 15, 2014 update: There seems to be a plausible, cautious connection between the "Ottoman" culture, and the naming conventions of Utah and Idaho. I say this with my recent other "re-discovery" of the connection between the Iranis Parsi culture of Iran/India, and the Nez Perce culture of Oregon, and the Navajo of Arizona. There are too many geographical and symbolic connections between the Central and South Asian cultures, and the American indigenous tribes. It is impossible for me to ignore the possibility of direct DNA connections, "clued" by the naming conventions and their cultural etymologies.

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