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Greek, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Davalos Map, Valley of Mexico

Amateur Theories, continued....


Mexico. Mashkan. "The Tabernacle". Maya-Center of the World. "God of Gods" of the Ancient World. There are 312+ names and iconic symbols, with mostly Egyptian, Greek, and Judaic naming conventions, on the Davalos Map of the Valley of ancient Mexico.


I have only presented the Osiris-Atzacualco, Amantlan-Amun, Tenayocan-Athena Huacan, Tepeyacac-Iachos-Osiris, Chapultepec-Apollo-Grasshopper, Tepeacalco.pu-Hephaestos, Ishtar-Cala-Ishtar, Chalco-Achilles, and Atenco-pu, Athena Nike Poliso.


I would hope true academics, true scientists, competent persons could review these remarkable, astonishing iconic symbols, on one of the greatest compilations maps found in the Western Hemisphere.


And it all was made as a $5 tourist map, sold in a small store, downtown Mexico City, Libraria Madero!


Repeating from the master view of the Davalos map, of what the Conquistadors realized, and passed onto the Vatican...


“Pope Julius II solved the problem at the Fifth Lateran Council in 1512 by declaring that the American Indians were indeed children of Adam and Eve and therefore humans. Their ancestors were Babylonians expelled from that city for sinfulness in the days before Noah’s flood. These people wandered so far into the wilderness and away from the centers of evil, which God sought to destroy, that they survived the deluge - not spared by divine design, like Noah and his family and his multitudes of paired animals, but somehow overlooked. “Voyages of the Pyramid Builders”, pg 84, authors Dr. Robert M. Schoch, with Robert McNally.


Incredibly historic, in my amateur opinion.


Reference Searches:


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Iakchos, Iaccus


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Athena Nike

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