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TLP76MSG Switched Outlet Conserve Protector Review | by sokerases
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TLP76MSG Switched Outlet Conserve Protector Review

I have used a lot of TrippLite products over the years. Generally they are very well built and work well, hard, and long. Customer service on the rare times Ive needed it has been very good. Generally their products cost more but are well worth the price. From the description on when I looked at this product, it appeared that there was no way to mount this power strip to a wall or computer desk or whatever. Now that I have one, I can see there is, but read on. "No mounting method" isnt a problem with many outlet strips. You dont usually want to access them often and they just lie on the floor under your desk gathering dust most of the time. This one, however needs to be somewhere convenient so you can reach the switches that are the heart of its purpose. Unless it is screwed or bolted down somehow, with all the power cords going to it, it is going to be very messy and slide around, get tugged around, and generally be a royal pain in the puss. Back in the good ol days, many power strips had a little tab on each end with a hole in it so you could boltscrew it down easily. Later they went to a rediculously bad system with slotted holes on the bottom. You had to precisely start screws into a wall (or whatever) then slide the power strip onto the screw heads. Of course there was then no way to tighten the screws so the thing was always loose and unstable. Yep. That is still the same bad system used by this power strip. Here are a few tips to help get it mounted. 1) Use a legal (8

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Taken on October 30, 2013