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    Sparaku, Order of Mata Nui warrior. Wields a lance.

    More here.

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    1. Icesaber ages ago | reply

      I like.

    2. ChocolateFrogs ages ago | reply

      Thank you. Anything specific you like/dislike? It's always nice to know how to improve.

    3. Icesaber ages ago | reply

      Everything seems to flow. The white and black go well together here, and the lance is a nice touch. No spots have been left bare, and he doesn't look evil or anything, like some set Toa do (cough Inika cough). Also, it's nice to see an MOC that doesn't use pre-fabbed pieces (at least none that I can see). Nothing to criticize here, really :)

    4. ChocolateFrogs ages ago | reply

      Thanks. It's always good to hear about the good stuff too.
      I believe that it is hard to have a white and black MOC that distributes nicely, and I think I did that here.

    5. cute oatmeal [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I like everything of this toa, but ,do you take the picture frogs?

    6. ChocolateFrogs ages ago | reply

      I took the picture. Is something wrong?
      This was taken over a year ago. Now I know to have a white background, more natural/bright light instead of a flash, and (when available) stabilize the camera with something underneath (I don't have a tripod, but something similar is always nice, like books.)

    7. [Dablackcat] 110 months ago | reply

      Speaking of taking. 4 kiddies have taken this picture and posted it in their galleries.

    8. ChocolateFrogs 110 months ago | reply

      Thanks. They've also taken one or two of my other pictures...grrr. (Along with some other BZPer's.)
      I just don't know how to do anything about it. (It was so long ago when I noticed all a bunch of us did was talk to Binkmeister on BZP and I couldn't think of a practical way to find my stolen MOCs after that happening a few years back. I'll guess I'll talk with all you in the busted section.)

    9. Sealth Fail 100 months ago | reply

      Ive seen this on the gallery on It was called toa Tradox

    10. ChocolateFrogs 100 months ago | reply

      Yeah don't remind me.

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