job hunting

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    1. ~Ơ~ 56 months ago | reply

      Nice shot!

    2. tzargregory 56 months ago | reply

      Good taste in computers ;>) Interesting post and perspective. You're in good company . . . !

    3. Robert S. Donovan 56 months ago | reply

      OK, Greg. As an HR manager do you think I'm right?

    4. tzargregory 56 months ago | reply

      Yup. Broken - not just in your industry, but many (most?) Even the companies famous for their hiring practices often don't get it right. As a job searcher myself, I feel the exact same frustration. So - I do it all - cover letters, reviewing sites, researching, networking, trying to connect with a live person - anybody who'd deliver your resume to the HM. It's a numbers game. And waiting to hear from a company is never gonna pay off. CW says you keep looking until you're on-board.

      You'll hear recruiters who never look at the cover letters and think they're a waste of time. You'll find others who find them more revealing than the resume and they read into the cover letter you're willingness to do a little extra work, you're creativity and language skills, and if you're persuasive. Since I never know what kind of 'recruiter' is going to screen my resume, I do it all. And with few jobs and lots of applicants, it's just a tough time to find work.

      If you talk to enough 'experts', you'll find whatever answer you're looking for. You gotta do it all, all the time. Sorry to be a bummer on a Friday . . .

      (BTW - I think you said it very well. No typos, no grammatical errors... ;>)

      I'd hire you in a heartbeat, Bob!

    5. Robert S. Donovan 56 months ago | reply

      Thanks, Greg. Good luck to you, too! I ran across these two HR blogs this afternoon. Check them out if you haven't already:

    6. crashmattb 56 months ago | reply

      Spot on with your thoughts, Robert. It's cool to hear it from your perspective, especially since I'm one of those designers you found via Coroflot. :-)

      Thankfully I have do have a job, but with my office continuing to downsize I've spent most of the summer still applying for a few jobs. No doubt the current system is broken, but it's almost impossible to overcome right now. After basically getting into an argument yesterday afternoon with a recruiter about my chaotic job history (who had already seen my resume and contacted me), I'm almost completely done working with recruiters. They use and abuse you for their benefit. But are they worse than using Monster or other job sites? Heck, even companies are screwed up. I've interviewed with two companies that did actually find me via Coroflot, but gave me little information on the open positions or companies, and then booked me in back-to-back time slots with 10-15 other people they were also interviewing over an afternoon. What companies are capable of hiring are having a hard time sorting through the growing talent pool. I'm sure that's a challenge, but they are making it seem more and more like a privilege to even apply with them. Now they also want you to enter in all your resume information into their online database no matter if they found you or a recruiter connected you. (Where do I upload my cover letter???) Why can't their just be a central database as you mentioned? After landing my last two jobs by being contacted directly, there is no doubt in mind that networking and having databases like LinkedIn/Coroflot is the best way to be contacted and land a job. Just doesn't seem like knowing anyone these days is helping out. Of course, knowing that a hugely qualified designer/manager extraordinaire such as yourself is having a hard time is just another sign of how broken this whole system truly is. You would run circles around so many, but it doesn't seem to matter. Best of luck, dude.

    7. nathansbowman 42 months ago | reply

      Hey awesome shot! I just wanted to let you know that I'm using it on my blog, with credit given to you!


    8. stormseeker777 31 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing this picture- it is an excellent shot.

      I am using it on my blog here-

      I also subscribed to your blog.

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