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Thermaltake Overseer VN700M1W2N Tower Black | by jakertio
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Thermaltake Overseer VN700M1W2N Tower Black

The description says it all. Ill list off the pros and cons that I have found. Pros Very good cable management. My previous case had a rats nest of wires, and this one has a neat layout where almost no wires are visible. The hard drives get their power and data connections on the back of the case, making hiding wires even easier. The hard drive trays have holes for 3.5 and 2.5 inch HDDSSD. There are plenty of filters to keep the dust out. The provided 200mm fans are very, VERY quiet and move a ton of air (about 100CFM my research shows). The provided 120mm fan is also quiet, and moves a respectable 40CFM (again, research). There is plenty of space for large CPU coolers, like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 (thats what I have). Whats more, is the instructions say what the max size of both the CPU cooler and the video cards can be before they run into something (the side of the case, the hard drive bays, and so on). The feet of the case are very tall, allowing the bottom mounted PSU (which is another plus) and bottom fan to get plenty of air, even on carpet. The bottom optional fan has mounting holes for 120 and 140mm fans. Also, unlike with other cases, the PSU can be a larger form factor and you can still have the full 140mm fan in there. My PSU is a Cooler Master 850 watt unit that is 6.5 inches long (instead of the standard 5.5), and the 140mm fan fits with about an inch gap between it and the PSU. The window behind the CPU is massive. This allows for changing CPU coolers without removing the entire motherboard. The top mounted HDD rack is really helpful for pulling data off of old 2.5" and 3.5" HDDs lying around. It is SATA, so if you want to use your old IDE drives, youll still need an IDE to USB converter. The top data plugs are very helpful. There are 2 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.0, and 1 eSATA (3GBs). The USB 3.0 requires a motherboard that not only supports USB 3.0, but also has a headder for USB 3.0. The *mostly* toolless design is great for the DVD drives and stuff. There are still screw holes that can be used if you pop the toolless brackets off. They go right back on, too, so its not an issue to do this. You can put the bracket back on with the screws in place in some circumstances, too. The construction feels very good. I dont feel that a stiff breeze will knock it over, but at the same time, I dont break into a sweat carying it from place to place. The airflow is well balanced. There are 2 200mm fans in, 2 200mm fans out, 1 120140mm in, and 1 120mm out. When you take into consideration the video cards that eject air straight out of the case, the pressures are well balanced, preventing heat buildup in some parts of the case. The look is very aggressive, exactly what I wanted for a gaming computer. The icon in the front of the case fades in and out continuously. Its pretty cool, and would go well with a Back Track linux OS. Cons The provided "ziptie" things are rather cheap and break easily. They are supposed to be reusuable, but how is that possible if theyre broken The 4th external bay appears to be one of those bays where you can use a 5.25 inch OR a 3.5 inch device, but it is solely a 3.5 inch bay. The little section in the middle pops out, but the surround does not. The window could definitely be larger. Neutrals The grommets for cable management come off easily. They go back on just as easily as they came off, but it is still a bit annoying. The top bezel has one cable connecting it to the case. This would ordinarily be a bad thing, but since there is a disconnect for it, this is a neutral. Edit I got 2 of the 200mm blue Cooler Master Megaflow fans to put into the case. The side fan just barely touches the Hyper 212 cooler that I have in there. The fact that it still fits keeps it from being a negative, but it does dash my hopes of putting a 140mm CPU cooler in there later. Also, the top fan is a very tight fit. The existing fan has the sides slimmed down, but I didnt notice this. The sides of the Megaflow fan are just a few millimeters too big, meaning that the top bezel needs to be slightly stretched out to go back on. This is a neutral because the bezel does fit over the fan, and the outward bow is not even noticable. Overall, this is a great case. Great quality, great appearance, great performance. A must buy for gaming computer builds.

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Taken on October 27, 2013