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3M Privacy Filter Apple MacBook | by quragery
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3M Privacy Filter Apple MacBook

Ok so I was convinced to buy this off of all the other reviews. I was very skeptical, especially when I read how it was applied. I work with computers and other electronics daily for more than 12hours a day and the idea of placing 2 thin strips of tape between the filter and an LCD screen just didnt seem like it would add up. I am not sure what other people\s standards are for quality but I know I dont like to be distracted by any distortion. pretty much anything that is going to catch my eye and cause my focus to drift from my work. To be honest i wouldnt have even given this one star if I wasnt forced too. The first thing I noticed when I pulled the filter out of its packaging was that 3M had to stamp their name in the filter itself. Right at the top, off center is a heat stamp of the 3M logo which shows up when you turn the screen on. I first decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and try the tape first. The first issue I had was you pretty much need to be in a clean room when applying these. The filter, after sitting in plastic for who knows how long has picked up just enough static to attract large amounts of dust. I wasted the first two strips trying to apply them without causing any bulges or smears. Anyone who has ever applied a screen protector to their phone knows that even the smallest speck of dust can cause a noticeable defect in the screens appearance. Once I got the strips in place and the filter applied to the screen, I was appalled by the way it made my screen work. I noticed both strips as they clearly distorted and warped the image around them. I also tried the so called thin tabs. These are supposed to go on the frame of the screen so you can easily remove and replace the filter at will. These are in effect, about the same thickness as the plastic packaging you would find a USB thumb drive in and about as opaque. Needless to say it caused as much distraction as the tape did. Further it added just enough thickness to the screen that I would have worried about them bending and scratching the screen when the lid was closed and the filter not in place. Plus the fact that with a mac book air, the tabs fail to allow the lid to close completelyproperly. Last, and definitely not least, while I was waiting to determine whether or not the tape would "Settle" or if the tabs where worth the trouble, I tested the effectiveness of the filter. I constantly keep my brightness on my air at about 50%. the filter in place and the brightness turned below 50% the filter failed miserably to fulfill its duty. I stood at all different angles behind the computer, and while the filter did mask the screen, darken it would be a better description, the image on the screen was still recognizable. A privacy filter should at the very least keep your screen private, not just darken the image.

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Taken on October 25, 2013