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    Right... the good news is that the "business end" of the interior is done. Got all the obligatory helmets/air tanks/chainsaws/skis, plus a walkie-talkie recharge station, and then a corner of mission-specific bits and pieces. Then in the middle, a tool rack.

    The bad news is that the front panelling fell apart once too often, and I pummelled it, meaning to start over with something better.The top left pic shows how that worked out. Not great. So I dunno what to do, whether to keep this one or revert to the previous design.

    Probably gonna be a couple of days before my next update, I've powered through the early framework in my 3-day weekend extravaganza, so I'll take it a bit slower from now on. I have almost two months before STEAM anyway, so I needn't rush this.

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    1. Si-MOCs 66 months ago | reply

      I'm impressed you have this much Ice Planet stuff!

      Looks good, i bet version two of the front will be even better / less gaps :P

    2. worker201 66 months ago | reply

      Needs more ice cream.

    3. Jayfourke 66 months ago | reply

      Simon Liu Not sure what's to be impressed about, lol. This is literally all of it. I only ever had the small IP sets when I was younger, I just got lucky and scored the orange dome and blue hinged cockpit with some printing on it at AFOLCON.

      worker201 The ice cream and vodka bar's going to be behind the airlock.

    4. Si-MOCs 66 months ago | reply

      Jake I have the big IP ship, and I don't know if I can find all my pieces :P

      so it's impressive you still have yours/didn't lose them lol.

    5. Jayfourke 66 months ago | reply

      My collection's fairly smallish and is about 90-95% sorted. I know where ALL the things are. ;)

      And like I said, I somehow managed to lose Commander Bear's torso and arms. :(

    6. <Mook> 66 months ago | reply

      It should have big treads that would be cool.

    7. Jayfourke 66 months ago | reply

      ^It never occurred to me that I should have to specify this... but it's a spaceship...

    8. <Mook> 66 months ago | reply

      Jake I know, just an idea

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