• please note that there was not a single nibble on that dosa! - .Manisha.
  • slurp! - .Manisha.
  • yum! Esp the chillies that are filled with oil! - .Manisha.
  • [in a high, squeaky voice] Nibble. - ...p.e.l.i.c.a.n.o...
  • see what eating bananas can do to you?! Your voice becomes squeaky! - .Manisha.
  • [croaks]...more oil...I need more oil... - ...p.e.l.i.c.a.n.o...
  • Sorry but after all that complaining on the khandvi pic, she wiped this plate clean before taking a pic. No oil for you! - .Manisha.
  • The more I look at these, the more i want one. Where'd she put the recipe? I don't have to make sambar do I? - ...p.e.l.i.c.a.n.o...
  • if you insist. She linked to the recipe from her blog - .Manisha.
  • No, you don't need sambar...chutney, yes. But IMHO, this dosa looks better than it tastes. It's neither a true dosa nor an appam...
  • and you sahred this honest opinion in your post? - .Manisha.
  • There ought to be a communal blog for recipes "that IMHO.. " :-D - ...p.e.l.i.c.a.n.o...

banana dosa

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  1. .Manisha. 102 months ago | reply

    Oh please! Enough with the bananas already! Put them in a darned banana nut bread and be done with them. They taste much better in that!

    Did you get free bananas or something? Or is it banana season in India? Why don't you have those yummy mangoes that come out during this season instead of bananas?

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  2. ...p.e.l.i.c.a.n.o... 102 months ago | reply

    But still...the dosas look darned good! What sort of coconut-laden southie chatni is that? Ginger? Nice dhaal too.

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