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NGC6357 | Lobster Nebula | SHO+RGB Stars | by Steven Mohr
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NGC6357 | Lobster Nebula | SHO+RGB Stars

This region of space is catalogued as NGC6357, and has some interesting common names like the Lobster Nebula [and it does look a little like a lobster when you can see more of the object in one field of view], or the War and Peace Nebula [I have no clue why another would call it this?]. NGC 6357 spans about 400 light years across and lies about 8,000 light years away towards the constellation of the Scorpion.


Within this field, and towards the middle of the view, is a star forming region call Pismis 24 [zoom in, and look for the little hill, with what looks like a cave and you found the spot – the star cluster is just above here]. This is the home of serval super bright and massive stars, including Pisma 24-1, that is thought to be the most massive star on record at 300 times the size of our Sun.


This image is showing the narrowband light waves of the emission nebula, shown in what is now called the “Hubble” palette. Hope you like it.


Hi resolution link:


Information about the image:


Center (RA, Dec):(261.196, -34.192)

Center (RA, hms):17h 24m 47.000s

Center (Dec, dms):-34° 11' 31.985"

Size:48.6 x 32 arcmin

Radius:0.485 deg

Pixel scale:0.732 arcsec/pixel

Orientation:Up is 185 degrees E of N


Instrument: Planewave CDK 12.5 | Focal Ratio: F8

Camera: STXL-11000 + AOX | Mount: AP900GTO

Camera Sensitivity: Lum: BIN 1x1, RGB: BIN 2x2

Exposure Details: Total: 47.67hours | Lum: 22 x 900 sec [5.5hrs], Ha: 89 x 1200 sec [29.67hrs], OIII&SII: 12 x 1200 [8.0hrs], RGB: 450sec x 12 each [4.5hrs]

Viewing Location: Central Victoria, Australia.

Observatory: ScopeDome 3m

Date: June 2020

Software Enhancements: CCDStack2, CCDBand-Aid, PS, Pixinsight

Author: Steven Mohr


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Uploaded on October 6, 2020