HIRED (yeah baby!!!!) Gimme a High 5, EXPLORED Apr.24. #418

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HIGH FIVE'S all around...so excited it was hard to sleep last night. I am hired!!!!

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  1. Anna's Daughter 85 months ago | reply

    jto: thanks
    Kajatl: Thank you...I'll be checking out Piedmont in a few years
    Charles Media: Yay indeed!!!!
    Bygbaby: thanks for the high five

  2. nicolemariedev 85 months ago | reply

    congrats! a critcal care nurse! they are lucky and blessed to have you!!

  3. яızωαи 85 months ago | reply

    Well deserved. Congrats and Best of Luck!

  4. [ Tee ] 85 months ago | reply

    Good stuff....congrats!

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  5. *arrivederci* [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

    hi fives!
    lo fives!

    oh so happy for you!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anna's Daughter 85 months ago | reply

    Nurseynicole: Thanks for your encouragement.
    Rizwan: Thanks for your well wishes.
    TJOY: haven't seen you around in a while, hope all is well, THANKS
    chomchom: Don't forget the in between FIVES. THANK YOU!!!!
    MannyWallace: You're the man. I love your Purple rain interpretation. Thank you!!!!

  7. Look Out Barbados 85 months ago | reply

    am jealous! i have an interview for a scholarship to do my MSc. it's on wednesday... i don't interview well. groan. and it's VERY competitive - two scholarships for SEVEN CARIBBEAN ISLANDS. hmph! as if the british doh owe us in the caribbean, can u imagine? lol. and that's why i don't interview well - i tend to ramble. so as i was saying:


  8. Anna's Daughter 85 months ago | reply

    Look Out Barbados : THANK YOU....No worries.....you've got the Bajan Mojo....the Kerwin Karma....you'll be fine...no...you'll be magnificent!!!! God save the Queen!!!! lol. xx

  9. Look Out Barbados 85 months ago | reply

    you're most welcome.

    cackle@God save the Queen.

  10. suvarna_mollerup 85 months ago | reply

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Way to Go!

  11. Anna's Daughter 85 months ago | reply

    thanks Bunnyface

  12. © S.Wilson [deleted] 85 months ago | reply

    Congratulations! and a Hi Five to you -- Nothin' like landing a solid gig.

  13. Anna's Daughter 85 months ago | reply

    African Olmecca: thank you so much...and you are right about the gig part...(Fo' Sho')

  14. Kerron Riley 85 months ago | reply

    this is so cool.. i like the way you show your happiness .. in this photo..

  15. Josette Myrick 84 months ago | reply


  16. barbera* 84 months ago | reply

    Hope you're coming to St. Michael's!

  17. Lesrickfordmedia 82 months ago | reply

    Hard work always pays off

  18. GUTTY WOMACK 81 months ago | reply

    So much in so little.
    Great photo.
    Cant believe i missed this when i first looked through your photostream.

  19. Vicki's Pics 81 months ago | reply

    Yay!!!! So sorry I have fallen soooooo behind in my commenting. I'm rather behind the times. But Yay!!!!! all the same! :D

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