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Seditious Canary's Workbench | by Seditious Canary
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Seditious Canary's Workbench

Update: I am building a new workbench. If you enjoy watching this sort of project, or seeing how my workbench is evolving, you can check it out here: Building the Bike Shop


This was my mostly finished, mostly operational workbench. The tool board is 3/4" cabinet grade poplar with a few coats of shellac. It's mounted to a 2"x4" frame with Titebond and 3/8" poplar doweling so there are no screws to interfere with mounting tools. The tools on horizontal part of the bench are going to have holes drilled for them to stick into the piece of Indian Rosewood molding at the bottom of the tool board. I also need to trim out the sides and top of the tool board in Red Oak, skin the back with 1/2" cabinet grade birch, trim out the sides and front of the lab top, run electric, build and hang lighting, then shellac all the remaining wood.


The work bench itself is a Craftsman which I trimmed the top down to fit the work space. I also flush mounted t-nuts to fasten the MDF top to the bench frame using 6 each 1/4"x20 bolts so I can remove the lab top without worrying about the MDF getting stripped out. Then I used a tube of Silicon caulk to mount the lab top I got from Second Use to the MDF. The lab top was salvaged from a local Seattle high school.


The Wilton bench vice is mounted with 1/2"x13 stainless bolts and t-nuts. This was the part which I was the most concerned about mounting correctly. I used 14mm diamond hole saws to drill through the lab top. The holes for the lab top and the MDF came out dead on with the bench vice base. I made a footprint out of 3/4" plywood to protect the lab top from the vice and added a few coats of shellac to before bolting the whole thing down (35 foot pounds of torque per bolts).


Each leg of the bench is also sitting on a 2"x6" to raise it up some and keep it from sinking into the carpet. The lab top is 39" tall from the floor.


The picture was taken using my Park Stand Uni Pod.

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Taken on August 30, 2007