Currently I am studying A Level Art and Design, a subject that I am passionate about, as I have always felt the need to create. What really enthuses me about Art is the way that it gives you a different perspective on the world, by teaching you to look at everything differently. Presently, I am working on a self-directed study, researching how different artists portray a ‘Sense of Silence’ in their work. What I have enjoyed most about this assignment is the opportunity for freedom to develop my project independently and to explore and develop my skills as an artist.

Studying History of Art has enabled me to appreciate art in varying forms, life drawing for example. I have had the opportunity to join a weekly life drawing class. I have enormously enjoyed these classes as they have helped me to develop my observational drawing skills in my ability to record the human form accurately.
I recently attended a short course at the St. Ives School of Painting where I was taught, by working artists in the Cornish community. This experience has increased my knowledge of the landscape first hand, using different styles and techniques.

Another important part of my life is the theatre, of which Art is integral. I have had the opportunity to take my AS piece ‘Find Me’ up to the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival which was an incredible experience and I hope to do this again.

Being taught by creative professionals at the college I hope will increase my understanding and insight into professions within the artistic field. I believe that the course at Kingston will provide the skills and knowledge necessary for me to fulfil and continue my own creative path.
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