The Easiest D.I.Y Ringlight Ever
Hello there folks,

How are you?
My name is Sebastien and i subscribed specialy because i had to share this great idea...

It's the most simple Do it Your Self Ringlight there can possible be!
I didn't see it around anywhere on Flickr and i searched alot for these things so if i am right i might set a new trend here.
Here's the thing: a friend of mine showed his new 24inch apple monitor and talked about how bright it whas and how it almost functioned as a lamp to light his room with, and he demonstrated it to me in the dark.
I had my new Canon 30D with me and all the sudden i thought, yup, it's big, it's bright... Hey! it's a great candidate for a ringlight.!
So we created some white shapes on black backgrounds and played around with these and we had some GREAT results!
Later on when i whas alone at my moms place, i whas sitting behind her old 15inch CRT monitor and thought: would the same trick work with this small thing? Well... here are the results of that, judge for yourself.
Personly i like them very much.

So i can only say one thing, go play around folks! have fun with this great "Monitor ringlight" thing.

There are some things you must know first though.
A monitor is in the end not THAT bright, so you need a dark room with as litle other light as possible.
You also must have a camera with good ISO performance, i shot this pictures on ISO 1600, and trust me, you will need it, shutter speeds are sometimes way below 1/30.
A fast lens, with a minimal F2.8 will help you here as well, and a good lowlight autofocus too, there is always manualfocus ofcourse.
Patience, but most important, lots of fun will give you the best results in the end.

I Added some "Monitor Ringlights" (as i call them), so you can take of right away.

So have fun, it's the easiest way to find out what a ringlight will do to your pictures.


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