Clean drinking water is vital

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    1. Joost Nelissen 86 months ago | reply

      pògò> I have a Cosmos powerzoom 360 AFi on the camera, which is all manual older flash, but with nice analogue controls and full swivel and bounce head. I've got two sunpak 3600 "hamerhead" flashes with optical slaves from falcon eyes for off camera lighting. So it's all manual but it works like a charm. I think the sunpak 3600 goes by a different name in the USA, but basically any fuly manual hamerhead flash by sunpak or metz or the like will do!

    2. Thomas GvL 86 months ago | reply

      Cool fresh shot, very nicely captured.

    3. Brave Heart 86 months ago | reply

      So very nice and such a simple item. Thanks for sharing.

    4. Water For Sale 82 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Water For Sale, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    5. kctsingan 78 months ago | reply

      Hi,I'm a student and would like to use your photo for a presentation
      project for pure drinking water

    6. Joost Nelissen 78 months ago | reply

      kctsingan> Sure, please do!

    7. stunnaben 75 months ago | reply

      this photo makes one thirsty

    8. mirindir 75 months ago | reply

      I'm making a website about the virtues of drinking tap water
      would you mind if I put this photo up?
      if it's ok, and you want your name on it
      email me your name and I will put it on
      hope its ok!!! its a gorgeous shot.

    9. bkwdayton - on hiatus 70 months ago | reply

      Love all those bubbles!


      Your fantastic color picture is my winner!
      Please add this photo to
      Color Photo Award (trophied only)

    10. agavigan 69 months ago | reply

      Hello. I work in the Exhibits Department at the California Academy of Sciences, a non-profit museum in San Francisco, CA. We have selected your image titled "clean drinking water is vital" for display in our new museum.

      We would like to display it in a slideshow in an exhibition, not on a website; thus, we can’t link to your license terms. Would you still grant us permission to display it as long as we attribute the work to you? If so, please specify what credit recognition you require.

      We are on a tight production schedule and would appreciate a response as soon are you are able. Thank you very much!


    11. mysticvean 52 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot.

      I'd like to use this in my youtube clip on Irish Sign Language. Mysticvean Channel, ISL 14 Food and Drink Part .

      Let me know if there are any problems,


    12. mamasaurus 43 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous, gorgeous photo! Thanks for sharing it under creative commons. We used it in our web article and credited you and linked back to you at the bottom of the article. Thank you so much! Here's the link if you want to check it out.

    13. Peter Kofler 41 months ago | reply

      Thank you for this great picture (and thank you for licensing this CC). I used it in a non commercial presentation about Concepts of Functional Programming (a programming language related topic in software engineering), given at a local user group event. It was the perfect picture for the subject "pureness". Thanks again.

    14. Think Out Loud 40 months ago | reply

      Great picture.

      Just so you know, we've used it for our public radio show's website, along with proper attribution to you (and a link back to this page).

      You can see it here:

      Thanks for using the Creative Commons system!

      Chip Grabow
      Producer "Think Out Loud"

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    16. grahamwellfare 28 months ago | reply


      I work for a charity and am currently producing some information panels about water and where it comes from.
      This image is perfect for an idea I have. Could I get permission to use it. If I can, do you have a higher resolution image as it will be printed at about 30 cm x 30cm?

      many thanks


    17. earthsound 22 months ago | reply

      Very nice image. Thank you for sharing this under a CC license. We used this for a safety article on summer heat at with attribution and links back to the image's page and your profile.

    18. Water for Hospitals 18 months ago | reply

      Hi, we are running a water drive: for every photo submitted to our Facebook page we will donate 1 liter of water to a rural hospital or village. We are submitting your photo to our Facebook page. If you have any reservations, or if you do not want us to display your image please let us know at
      Your photo has been shared on

    19. asdasd34 7 months ago | reply

      Used a modified version of the image on this page:

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