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Hover Fly having a Pollen Snack followed by a Nectar Cocktail! (Awesome Biggles Flying Helmet!)

Wasn't sure if this is a wasp or a bee - but isn't that flying helmet on his head cute!!! I also love the furry back and gossamer wings. Have now found out that it is a hoverfly - they only have one pair of wings compared to bees and wasps who have two!


Hover-flies - These flies belong to the family Syrphidae, within the large order of insects called Diptera, and most are easily recognised by their generally bright colours and hovering ability. The adult flies spend much of their life on flowers, feeding on pollen and nectar, and thus play an important role in the pollination of many wild and cultivated plants. However, the adult flies are perhaps best known for their mimicry of various wasps and bees. Although quite harmless, they no doubt get some protection from would be predators, like birds, by copying the bold yellow and black warning colours of their genuine stinging models. An obvious question for most people is how to distinguish between a hover-fly and a wasp or bee? This can prove difficult without some knowledge of insect behaviour and morphology, but perhaps the most obvious difference (if you can get close enough!) is that hover-flies, like all Diptera, have only one pair of wings, whereas wasps and bees have two pairs.


Thanks to Bastiaan of we know now his a Boy! It is a male of the

species - Eristalis tenax


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Taken on August 25, 2007