Retrospective of Brendan SOLVE Scanlon's Art at Madison East High School
Brendan McGlynn Scanlon (1984-2008) grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and in 2002 graduated from East High School there. He found his love for art and began to find his identity as an artist at East.

In 2003 he moved to Chicago to attend the Illinois Institute of Art, from which he graduated in 2007 with a BFA in Visual Communications. After graduating he stayed in Chicago. From late 2007 until his death in June, 2008, he worked as "creative coordinator" at the Relay Worldwide marketing firm. On June 14, 2008, shortly after attending an art show near his apartment in Chicago, he was stolen from us, the world of art, and the world at large by a vicious act of violence by neighborhood thugs.

Brendan's development as a deeply creative person and an artist began from his youngest days. This development accelerated when he began taking art classes at East High in 2000 and continued until his death. By the time of his death, he had become an accomplished artist with work on his own, with the artist Chris Pelden of Chicago, with whom he worked and learned screenprinting while in college, at his college and firm, as a percussionist with the Nathan Xander Band, and with the RGB Art Collective, of which he was a founder. His art was marked by insight, intense creativity, and often provocation. His visual art appeared in galleries and on the streets of Chicago, Madison and other places.

He was well known on the streets as SOLVE.

He returned to his High School, where his life and happiness as an artist began, at the beginning of the 2009 School Year. A retrospective of his art from his time at East until his death a mere few years later was shown in the Ray Edwards Gallery at the School from September 1 until October 9.

This set includes images of Brendan's art shown at the retrospective, a link to a video about Brendan as SOLVE that ran at the retrospective, and other information about Brendan.

Brendan's family is deeply grateful to East High for opening the Gallery for the retrospective. It is grateful as well to East High's Principal Mary Kelley, art teachers Yong Kim, Monica Urbanik and Lori Merriam, and Art Club for helping with the show.

Finally, Brendan's family is profoundly grateful to Yong Kim and Monica Urbanik, Brendan's art teachers at East, who recognized his deep talent as an artist, encouraged him to pursue it, and set him on the path to become an accomplished artist and happy person before he was stolen from us so terribly soon.
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