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Walking down the aisle with my father. | by curlytoppoodle
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Walking down the aisle with my father.

I had a request to tell the story of how Matt & I met and ended up getting married not long after. I wanted to share some of the photos of our wedding and thought I would do a few at a time and part of the story with each set. The photos were all taken by my cousin, Erin Thomas Photography. Her website is, where she has many more pictures of things other than weddings.


On November 19th, 2011 my sister, Tracy, and I helped my mom walk the ponies for a local church's Fall Festival, which we do every year. Towards the end of the festival my sister asked me if I wanted to go to dinner later that evening with Kim (a girl who boards her horse at Tracy's barn), Kim's husband, Benjamin, and some other friends of theirs. I said "Sure, just let me know what time", as I always enjoy getting to go out with friends. As we kept walking the ponies, I came around to m mom and she asked me if I knew that Tracy and Kim were setting me up with a guy at dinner, which was a surprise to me. So after pinning Tracy down I found out that this guy was business partner's with Benjamin's brother, Brian, and that all the family was going to be there. I was much more comfortable after learning that there would be a large crowd there. I am shy and blind dates have always scared me:o)


After getting all the ponies back to my mom's, I headed home to get showered and changed for dinner. The whole time I am home I kept getting texts from Tracy to dress up a little, wear something cute, put some make-up on. You would think I didn't know how to clean up for dinner at a restaurant. I finally called her and told her to clarify as I was wearing dressy jeans, cute shoes, and a dressy top. I met Tracy at her house and we then headed to Benjamin's and Kim's to ride with them to the restaurant. We were there a few minutes before everyone else arrived and as we were headed out the front door and I saw Matt standing there, my first thought was "He is bald". To clarify this, my dad is bald, as was his dad, and a number of my friends, and I have no problem with bald men, always thought it looked good on many of them. I just hadn't been told about his looks, so it caught me by surprise. We all rode together and I sat next to Matt in the back seat with Tracy. We didn't exchange any words on the way to the restaurant, and only a couple sentences while we were there. It was a Japanese restaurant with some fresh made sushi. I ordered on kind and Matt had ordered a couple different kinds and he let me try his sushi and I shred mine with him. He even payed for mine and Tracy's dinner (such a gentlemen). After dinner we headed back to Tracy's house to play a game of cornhole, which we ended up playing until the wee hours of the morning. I had never played it before and had fun. Of course I was on Matt's team:o) Kim, Tracy, and I goofed off when we weren't playing and still Matt barely spoke to me, or anyone else for that matter.


to be continued....


Tracy has some pictures on her flickr site as well.

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Taken on May 11, 2012