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GCXII Story Build | by drakkvonlego
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GCXII Story Build

“More wine son! Don’t be shy, we are celebrating after all!”


It seemed Baron Locklear possessed not the capability for an ‘inside voice’. He was already on his second glass and feeling its effects, although the former northerner showed no outward signs. “The new lands will be ours for the taking soon enough!” Locklear turned to face the visiting councilman Captain Ramsey, who currently held the Baron’s ear in all things New Roawia. “Oh cheer up Ramsey, the our new ally Ivanovich and his pet are just what we needed to turn the tides in our favor.” He guffawed at his obvious pun, and Captain Ramsey humored him a strained smile.


“While I agree with my lord Baron, I feel I must remind you that Lenfald is still colonizing the isles unopposed. As we capture ships, they capture the unknown wealth of the islands,” He sipped from his wine to allow the point to take hold. “I wish to submit my proposal to you once again, we must al---”


“Enough!” Locklear interrupted. His face suddenly cold and commanding. “I am mulling over your plan. Your ability to make the most out of any situation is why you are here enjoying my best vintage and the luxury of my summer home. But do not overstep yourself.” It was the Barons turn to pause for effect. Locklear’s face turned once again to a grin and he barked a hearty--if not heartful--laugh. “Come! Join my family in the garden.”


He led him to the garden with a hand around his shoulders like old friends. Out of the side of his mouth he spoke in a hushed tone to the veteran pirate, “Ill tell you what Ramsey, convince my wife of this plan and we shall talk...”


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Uploaded on February 4, 2016