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Warhammer 3/4

The Warhammer is one of the most famous `Mechs of the Inner Sphere. The design entered production in 2515 and its production continued until the fall of the Starleague. The main firepower for its impressive array of weapons comes fromthe Warhammer's twin PPCs, which are supplemented by an SRM 6 launcher and a pair each of machine guns, small lasers, and medium lasers. If this `Mech has one problem, it is with heat-buildup.


The Warhammer is one of the most common mechs of its size in the Inner Sphere and is employed by virtually all successor houses.


I was inspired to build this after seeing this video ( ) and the visual traits of this version are largely taken from the variant shown in the video. I'm not particularly happy with the feet or hips, but, otherwise, I'm quite satisfied with this build.

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Taken on August 6, 2009