Dr Dangers Time-Traveling Medicine Show
Unit ZERO was the first box to land at Burning Man. Since 1997, the number of containers on the playa has swelled to more than 300.

Danger Ranger acquired the first Burning Man shipping container in 1997, which was designated ZERO.

Container ZERO is a Vietnam era military communications box with a lightweight aluminum frame. It was built by Hughes Aircraft in 1968 and designed to be helicoptered into the field. The floor, ceiling and walls are fully insulated, so it stays relatively cool in the desert heat. From 1997 thru 1999 it served as storage and staging for the Black Rock Rangers. From 2000 to 2004, it was used on the DPW Work Ranch to house the inverter controls and battery bank for a solar power system. From 2005 to 2006 it was used for storage. In 2007 it was converted for use as "Dr Rangers Time Traveling Medicine Show". The interior has been decorated to look like a Victorian computer parlor. One side of the container is hinged at the bottom, so when the weather permits, it can be opened up. When the side is open and the oriental carpet unrolled, it looks like a steampunk set on a theater stage.

Most of the graphics & artwork inside container ZERO were done by Dusty Hawthorne.

Container ZERO is also a self-contained communications station, used to connect real-world Burning Man with virtual worlds on the Internet.
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