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My rather small contribution to the AWARD WINNING mocpages Middle Earth display this year at Brickworld were these two Ents. Those of you lucky enough to be there at BW may have seen less coherent versions of these guys after I tried to rebuild their shattered carcasses after shipping from Australia. So here's what they should've looked like :)

More on our Middle Earth display.

I'll be posting more pics of Brickworld and the rest of my USA trip soon.

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  1. The Deathly Halliwell 46 months ago | reply

    It was great to meet you, Shannon, and I had a lot of fun packing these into the ziploc bag at the end.

  2. Amhakia 46 months ago | reply

    You forgot to display Minas Tirith in your photostream - after all, you rebuilt half the damn thing! ;)

    These are GREAT, Shan!

  3. .Tromas 46 months ago | reply

    These are just great. Well done!

  4. th_squirrel 46 months ago | reply

    Man, those were great in the display! :D

  5. \/\/\/\/\/\ 46 months ago | reply

    nice organic feel to these

  6. the oneman 46 months ago | reply

    Although Your weird Ent I like a bit more, these guys are also very cool.

  7. ∆TMM∆ 46 months ago | reply

    Love<3, great positions.

  8. Legoorci 46 months ago | reply

    FAved for the ents but also the whole display, it's awesome !
    Are other builders of the display on flickr ?
    Sometime ago I thought Lego lotr was like dead...but now I think it lives !

  9. Legohaulic 46 months ago | reply

    It was a pleasure to meet you in person and see these two bad boys tearing it up in the display.

  10. Shadow Viking 46 months ago | reply

    Nice you meet you, man- and these guys rock, and rocked then, ever if they were a little worse for wear at the time ;-)

  11. El Barto! 46 months ago | reply

    Very lifelike! Excellent work!

  12. xtofcorthay 46 months ago | reply

    O_O !!!!! My favorite !!!

  13. Shannon Ocean 46 months ago | reply

    Thanks all. Yes it was awesome to meet everyone at Brickworld, a freiendly and very talented bunch of people. I'm sorry I missed out of talking to a few guys like Chris Edwards and LDM, maybe next time.

  14. Aaron (-_-) 46 months ago | reply

    Love! Man Shan you rocked my tree lovin world mate.

  15. gIadius 46 months ago | reply

    I saw these but missed meeting you! Curses!

  16. eilonwy77 46 months ago | reply

    Yes, these are fantastic!

  17. Uspez 45 months ago | reply

    These are very Enty and I love them.

    I hope there is a next time for you going there since at the same time it might be my first time.

  18. Crimso Giger 43 months ago | reply

    My lady will love those guys (she's a fan of Tolkien) - I'll have to post this on my blog when I'll got the time, too :-D

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