Let's Hold Hands and Walk on the Beach ... Vintage Picture of Children Enjoying a Swim and Day at the Beach

I'm surprised at the interest in this photo. Can anyone tell me why this one, out of the all the ones in the Vintage set?


Tenneta [Tanetta], Horatio, Anna Grace [Vester]. LC-DIG-ppmsca-18415-00029


Portraits of the Vester and Whiting families and other members of the American Colony in Jerusalem between 1905 and 1913.



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  • techlore 6y

    Why this one? Because of the childhood innocence it portrays and perhaps because of the emotional tug that many adults born since the 1960s have wishing their childhood could have been more like this instead of so restrictive and paranoid about nudity.

    My sisters, cousins and I swam like this at about this age at Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, in the St. Joseph River and in various lakes in Indiana during the early to mid-1950s. From age 8 through 18, this is how we boys swam in what we called the railroad pond about three quarters of a mile from my home, often with instructions to get washed up good or we'd have to take a bath before bedtime. You find yourself smiling and saying, "Yeah, I remember when... " and then wondering where those happy, carefree years have gone.

    Thanks for posting. (BTW this was 1905-1913, when bathing in a lake or other outdoor water in the summer was preferable to bathing indoors. Young children of both genders routinely bathed together, nude like this, during that period.)
  • Cori Redford 5y

    1. It's adorable.
    2. It's two little boys holding hands. You rarely see pictures of that anymore.
  • Shairap 4y

    yes. I wished more boys , kids and grownup, would hold hands! because you only see girls and boys or girls & girls holding hands which I find totally hyprocritical! let boys and boys hold hands too you macho people out there!

    Btw in Japan, boys hold hands! It means a very good friendship! :)
  • FUCK FEAR 4y

    sexy butts
  • labeletterose 3y

    I'm not sure this is 2 boys holding hands.
    One of the child has a bun.
    Might be the sign it's a girl!

    But stiull the picture is sweet and lovely
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