BrickArms Arsenal Review
A review of the full Arsenal pack in limited edition nickel silver color from

I was lucky enough to acquire a full lineup in the special silver color from Will Chapman.

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Favorites: G36 and C96 Mauser

BrickArms are available from and the BrickArms eBay storefront. There are links to authorized European and Australian affiliates.

BrickArms are only sold in black, and you get a free weapon in one of three limited colors with every order. The limited edition colors include gray (as in LEGO light gray), very dark blue-gray, and speckled nickel-silver. The nickel silver color was also sold at a LEGO convention in WA.

I am primarily a Star Wars collector, and so I often view these guns in terms of their ability to "be at home in more than one universe." Chances are I'll never build a WWII minifig, but WWII-era BrickArms can look great with SW figs.

The color of these pictures was a bit tough to get right, because my camera has trouble focusing and I used very bright lights to get the best quality pictures. The glare from intense lighting makes it easier to see details on the regular black guns, but often resulted in heavy glow from the speckle-silver pieces.

In order to best represent the colors and speckled detail of this set, the pictures were retouched with HP Image Zone, a basic photo-editing program. Please see the color comparison shot for reference. The silver color is bluer and more metallic than light gray, and has a fine-grain speckling which seems to be built into the plastic. The surface of the silver weapons is just as smooth as the other colors.
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