Manchester Parkade
A completely ghost town-stricken, former shopping center annex, once apart of The Manchester Parkade (Broad Street Side) in Manchester, Connecticut.

The Manchester Parkade was once the "Buckland" shopping mecca of its day, split between two plazas: the original West Middle Turnpike side and later, the Broad St. side.

The Broad St. side pictured here was in its latest years anchored by Super Stop & Shop and Bradlees. Stiop & Shop who had relocated from the West Middle Turnpike side. In the mid-90s, it had moved back to the West Middle Turnpike side.

In its later years, this Broad Street side became an blighted ghosttown shopping plaza and in the early 2000's was dealt the final blow following the chainwide closure of Bradlees.

Its last featured vacancy was Bradlees, which had opened in the late 1970s after the falling of its original anchor King's, which had originally opened in 1966.

This plaza featured many common shops of the times, which came and went including Anderson-Little, Favya, Card Gallery among many other bygone chains. On the far end, is a mini indoor portion with Marshalls and Service Merchandise.

After roughly 15 years of vacancy, demolition finally began in March 2012 and the Broad Street plaza is now completely demolished and awaiting new life. The original West Middle Turnpike side remains and is nearly fully occupied and alive.

The Caldor Rainbow checked in regularly from February 2006 until its demolition day.

As of 2018, the entire plaza is still an empty field.
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