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Mosley 1

Our newest charge! Today we made the trek south to meet my dear Flickr sister, Big Gray Mare and her husband, to take custody of a beautiful 8 wk old puppy whose future was in doubt because she may have some hearing and seeing challenges.


Mosley (our name for her) is an Ozark Stock dog..bred from Australian Shepherds, Blue Heelers and Border collies. Needless to say, she is smart as a whip..gets along great with all the dogs and is a knockout in the looks department. I am tickled pink to have a puppy to play with for a few weeks.


Caleb immediately took his position as sentinal...he and I introduced some of the dogs one by one to Mosley in the small computer room with a gate. A few minutes later I was letting her venture out in the the den and kitchen and Jake saw her from outside and came bounding in to have a sniff..Caleb, who was sitting watchfully about 4 feet from MOsley, interecepted Jake before he could get too close for Caleb's comfort and Jake took the hint and wheeled around and made a fast exit. I'm here to tell you, Caleb is in charge in situations like this and it really helps..we are a calm bunch of dogs and humans as I write this and Caleb had a large part in that.


These "people" never cease to amaze me!


Thank you, Lord, for Caleb.

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Taken on May 17, 2008