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As the snow falls... / Kinkaku( The Golden Pavilion) - Rokuonji-Temple | by maco-nonch★R
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As the snow falls... / Kinkaku( The Golden Pavilion) - Rokuonji-Temple

Kyoto-city,Kyoto prefecture, Japan


Kinkaku(The Golden Pavilion)is a shariden,a Buddhist hall containing relics of Buddha.The pavilion is a part of a temple that is formally named Rokuon-ji( 鹿苑寺),but commonly called Kinkakuji-Temple(金閣寺),or Temple of Golden Pavilion.Rokuon-ji is a Zen Buddhist temple,in the Shokokuji School of the Rinzai Sect(臨済宗相国寺派)


This area was originally the site of a villa called Kitayama-dai( 北山第)and owned by statesman,Saionji Kintsune( 西園寺公経). Ashikaga Yoshimitsu,the 3rd Shogun)(三代将軍足利義満) of the Muromachi piriod( 室町時代),took a liking to the area and acquired it from the Saionji family in 1937.He then build his own villa,which he named Kitayama-den( 北山殿)


The garden and buildings,centered on the Golden Pavilion,were said to represent the Pure Land of Buddha in the world(極楽浄土).The villa also functioned as an official guesthouse,welcoming Emperor Gokomatsu-Father of Zen teacher,Ikkyu-( 一休禅師の父後小松天皇)and other members of the nobility.Trade with China prospered during the Muromachi period, and the villa reached its height of glory as the heart of what become known as Kitayama Culture( 北山文化).


After Yoshimitsu died,in keeping with his will,the villa was converted into a temple be the priest Muso-kokjshi( 夢窓国師),who become the first abbot(開山:最初の住職).The temple's name ,Rokuon-ji,was derived from the name Yoshimitsu was given for the next world,Rokuon-in-den.


In 1994,Rokuon-ji Temple was registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site. -



春夏秋冬、全ての季節が似合う 伝統の街京都。京都盆地の気候は夏はフライパンの底の様に暑いし冬も寒く どちらかというと苛酷とも言えますが、季節を彩る樹木や花々は常に街並や里と調和し、訪れる人を魅了します。

そしてそれはなぜかー(京都というラベルをいったん剥がして考えたとしても)-それを守り育てようとし、同時にそれに深く思いを寄せ心を通わせようとした人々の’不断’の努力がそこに存在したからなのです。そしてまさにそこにここ京都の伝統、蓄積していった文化の核があるのだと思います。 (2015.1.16記載 - この文章に関して部分的であっても)他への転載、転用、アレンジ(他言語によるものを含む)は一切認めておりませんのでご了承下さいMasako.I ( handle name Maco-nonch★R on Flickr/macononch2 on Instagram)


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