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Vodaikua (Biocup 2018 Prelims) | by 0nuku
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Vodaikua (Biocup 2018 Prelims)

"The Vodaikua, or Electric Griffon, was a special commission from the Order of Mata Nui to defend their borders. Its powerful wings and electric talons make it more than a match for any foolish enough to approach the shores of Daxia. Despite this, some agents have taken to adopting or even riding these intelligent Rahi."


Yep, I'm throwing my hat in the ring this year. I finally ran out of excuses, so I'm all in to Biocup 2018 for now. And it wouldn't be a proper Onuku entry unless it was uploaded in the eleventh hour. For the prelims, with the theme "Elements," I brought back an old sketch of mine inspired by my large collection of Protectors of Stone and Pohatus.

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Taken on June 27, 2018