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4207 Pineapple Fountain

0147  Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge (Explored 1/18/12 in and out) DSCN0495 Isle of Palms Sunrise (Explored 1/22/12) DSCN0408 IOP Sunset DSCN0374 A Ride Over The Bridge (Explored 1/24/12) IMGP0669 First Light of Day IMGP0725 IOP Sunset IMG_0418(2) A Walk on the Beach 9970 Gulf Fritillary 0209 Pond at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens 0377  IOP Pier just before sunrise (Explore 9/21/12) 4681 After sunset 4197 Gulf Fritillary 0504 Searching for fish 0524 Willet strolling along the beach 4599 Isle of Palms Sunset 0441 Lone Gull at Sunrise 4207 Pineapple Fountain 4379 A Beautiful Landing 0408  IOP Pier at Sunrise 0466 Sunrise walk along the beach

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BayonneBirder says:

Nice photo. The dog breaks the stillness and adds an extra dimension.
Posted 71 months ago. ( permalink )

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