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What Is A Number-2-Size Plane

Because their were so many makers and brands of planes I had to decide on the rules that I would use to determine if a plane is a number-2-size smooth plane, I based this on the early Stanley Bailey plane.


The following are the rules that I use to decide if a plane is a number-2-size, the one rule that I never break is the width of the cutter, 1-5/8 inch is the absolute max.


1. The cutter must be no more than 1-5/8 inches wide.

2. The cutter must be set at the proper angle to the bed to classify it as a smooth/bench plane,

it also must be ground to the point on the bottom.

3. The plane’s bed should be about 7 inches long.

4. The plane should have a metallic bed.

5. The plane should have some sort of rear handle or tote and some sort of front knob, unlike a block plane where you use only one hand to use it, with a smooth plane you should use two hands.


Please check out my set “No.2 alike”, perhaps click and watch a slide show, might be fun?



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Taken on July 15, 2012