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Orr & Lockett Hardware Co.,Chicago: around the turn of the century they sold work benches and tools to schools for manual training.


This plane was manufactured by Stanley, it is what collectors call a “no.- 2, type-8, circa:1899 -1902 plane”.

The feature that makes this plane different from the regular Stanley type-8's is that it has a unique lever cap with the hardware distributers name cast on it. I have only seen this unique casting mark on a couple of other 2-size planes, and never on any larger planes. My guess and it is only a guess, by having the lever caps cast with their name, Orr & Lockett was getting their name out in front of the future customers.


Please check out my set “No.2 alike”, perhaps click and watch a slide show, might be fun?



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Taken on April 27, 2012