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CRAFTSMAN NUMBER 2 SMOOTH PLANE WITH BRASS MEDALLION  c.1927 - c.1939 (page 2 of 3) | by -Snapshot-
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This is a very rare plane indeed, in all my years of collecting 2-size smooth planes I have never heard mention amongst other collectors that this plane was made with the Craftsman brass medallion in this small of a size. I do not have a clue as to what the Sears, Roebuck and Company. catalogue number was for this plane so I will just call it a Craftsman No. 2


The following are some of the plane’s features:


1. The plane is a Sargent & Company made plane, it was made for the Sears, Roebuck and Company and was sold under their new Craftsman brand.


2. The Bed: was made by Sargent in the 407 model size, it has extra thick sides. It is lacking the “407" casting mark or any other marks that Sargent used to identify their planes, I’m pretty sure Sears, Roebuck Co. would not want any marks that could identify this plane with a Sargent catalogue number, this would be to prevent competition directly with the plane manufacturers offerings.


3. The Frog: is a Sargent 407 frog, it does have the “407" number cast on its bottom, it is important to note that you can not see the number without completely removing the frog from the bed. The lateral adjusting lever has a gun-blackened metal finish.


4. The Wood: is Mahogany, the front knob is the low profile type with a bead at the bottom. The knob and rear tote are bolted in place using steel rods with brass cylindrical top nuts.


5. The Lever Cap: is nickle plated, it has a unplated brass medallion set into it with the word “CRAFTSMAN”. The numeral “7" is cast into the back of the lever cap (not 407), is it possible that Sargent was using some old unused casting patterns from their discontinued Shaw patent no. 7 model planes ? They would have only had to add some bumps to the pattern to form the recess for the brass medallion and the rivet type holding studs.


6. The Cutter: is stamped with the CRAFTSMAN wavy logo in a oval frame, it reads “UNCONDITIONALLY GAURANTEED / CRAFTSMAN / AMERICA’S HIGHEST QUALITY”, if you notice the word guaranteed is misspelled.


In 1926 Sears started using the brand name Craftsman on their best tools, just a few years later Chicago hosted the 1933 -34 Worlds Fair, my best guess is this plane was made just about at that time period. Could it be that perhaps Sears had this plane and other tools made special to introduce the Craftsman brand name to the world at the fair?


As a note Sargent made number 407 planes (2-size) with brass medallions with their brand “SARGENT”. The medallions came in two shapes either in a rectangle or oval. These planes are also quite rare but if you are persistent and are willing to pay the price they are getable.

Here is a link to my planes with Sargent brass medallions:


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