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Robin Investigates: Ra's Al Ghul | by SHARPSPEED
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Robin Investigates: Ra's Al Ghul

I entered through the sewers on my way to Wonder City. Arrows painted crimson told me where I needed to go. It wasn't long before I was on mainstreet Wonder City. The place reminded me of Alfred: Older, but surprisingly neat. I guess Ra's still has a soft spot for his former utopia. I was taken off guard by some freaky looking guy in black robes. He outright ordered me to follow him. We were eventually walking through the familiar "Chamber of the Demon". However, there was this gigantic wooden door I never saw. The Sith Lord wannabe opened it, and lead me into a rather poorly lit room. The only light hung over a glowing Lazarus Pit, and above it a voice rang out to me:


"Good Evening, Timothy. I'm glad you found your way here. I've hear SO much about you. You've become quite the warrior these days. Almost like your mentor..."


"What do you want, Ra's?"


"Simple. Because of how much of a worthy adversary you've become, I want you to be a part of an experiment. "


Two ninjas came behind me, dragging something. They then dumped it into the pit. Whatever it was , it was wrapped up in tape or something like it. Ra's then told me the tale of his recent run-in with Bane. How he's now using the "backup pool" Lazarus Pit, and how he killed and mutilated one of Ra's best. Some of his crew found the remains ans sewed them up as best as they could....


"And now, He'll be a part of a new breed of soldiers!"


Like it was rigged, a bandaged humaniod....thing, jumped out of the pit, moaning. The eyes glowed, the skin was torn and decomposed. An abomination at best.


"I plan to use these damaged bodies as mindless, expendable soldiers against Bane. I'm going to test out the first of the kind, against a master combatant like you. I have confidence you can survive this experiment, Timothy. Prove me right....."


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Taken on June 3, 2012