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Robin Investigates: Azrael, Part 2

I awoke in a dimly lit place on a pew. That along was the giveaway to the fact that I was in the Gotham Cathedral. I got up, still sore from the army of skeletons I thought. I then heard an organ, but it wasn't playing a song. It was just some random keys being hit, like a kid was goofing around with it. the organ was at the end of the cathedral, and right in front of it was a familiar figure. Azrael, the Dark Knight of Death. The first one was a man trying to be his own man, but the one that's around today is a man truly to feel sorry for. Michael Lane, A.K.A Azrael, is a tragic man. A Medal of Honor recipient in the Iraq war, he came back to america after his tour to start a family. He did, until his three year old son was a victim in a hit and run. His wife committed suicide soon after. THEN after that, whatever remaining family he had were killed by cultists. Somehow, he found the Order of St. Dumas, and now here he is. I asked him why he did what he did. He told me because I'm an ally to "the cause". We continued to talk for a while , until I got a call from batman saying the museum was being robbed. I was about to run off, but I had an idea. I turned back to Azrael, and asked if he would like come along. He picked up his sword and asked where we're going. This'll be nice. My guardian angel is the angel of death...

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Taken on May 12, 2012