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Pakistan - Fairy Meadows - Circles of Life - | by © Lucie Debelkova /
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Pakistan - Fairy Meadows - Circles of Life -

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This photo was taken just before sunset at Fairy Meadows camp, it is one of the most beautiful places I've been to. This shot is connected with rather funny story - I was wondering around the village and became the main object of attention of local boys. They have been following me everywhere I went. They watched me with great interest how I got to those strange positions to get the best picture from the best angle. At some point one of them wanted to become a photographer and I've given him my camera. Suddenly I had many boys around me and when they thought that the picture was being taken, I was kissed by several 6-13 years old boys. I thought it was really funny but had to find something that would take their attention away from trying to kiss me. As I had an idea to take photo with circles in the water, I tried to explain them that I need them to bring some medium size stones and to through them into the water. As they hardly spoke any English, I had to show them first. Luckily they thought it is great fun and went to find some stones. Once they came back, they started to throw stones into the water all at once, so I had to gently ask them, that I need only one stone at a time after the water got quite again. At the end, they all stood in the queue and all have been so happy to help me create wonderful photos.


The mountain in the picture is Nanga parbat (also known as Nangaparbat Peak or Diamir) is the 9th highest mountain on Earth and the 2nd highest in Pakistan. Nanga Parbat has tremendous vertical relief over local terrain in all directions. To the south, Nanga Parbat boasts what is often referred to as the highest mountain face in the world: the Rupal Face rises an incredible 4,600 m (15,000 feet) above its base. To the north, the complex, somewhat more gently sloped Rakhiot Flank rises 7,000 m (22,966 feet) from the Indus River valley to the summit in just 27 km, one of the 10 greatest elevation gains in so short a distance on Earth. Nanga Parbat is the fastest growing mountain on Earth and it is still growing about 7mm a year (but dont ask me how they measure it!)


Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL, f/5.6, 0.01 sec (1/100), ISO 100, 18 mm


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Taken on June 26, 2007